VIDEO: Channels TV Reporter Pius Angbo Accused By His Medical Doctor Wife Of Battering Her

A medical doctor, Ifeyinwa Angbo, has taken to social media to expose the beast in her news reporter husband, Pius Angbo, a staff of Channels TV, who she said has been brutalizing her for long in their six years old marriage that is blessed with four children.

In a video that has gone viral in the internet, Mrs. Angbo, showed her battered face as she recounted how her womanizing husband beat her mercilessly, merely because she advised him to spend less on side-chicks.

She said, ”Hello people, my name is Ifeyinwa. I am a doctor. I have been married to Pius Angbo of Channels TV for six years and for six years, I have not known peace in this marriage. It’s been from one woman to another. 

”I just had  baby. It was a Caesarian section just about 4 weeks ago. Just because I told him to spend wisely and not on women so recklessly considering we have four children, that is why I got this beating. He tried to strangle me and all that, sat on my incision, the children were crying.

”When I was pregnant with this child, when the pregnancy was three months, it was the same thing. He would sit on my stomach. hit me, try to strangle me and all that.”

See the video below:

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