BREAKING: Joe Biden Is US President-Elect

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY projects that the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States.

The former vice president looks certain to secure 306 electoral college votes to win the 2020 Unites States Presidential election, defeating controversial and divisive incumbent, Donald Trump in a tight historic race that went down to the wire.

On his path to victory, Biden restored the famous blue wall that was shattered by Trump in 2016, reclaiming Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to deal a fatal blow to Trumps hope of winning reelection.

So far, he will get 306 electoral votes, 36 well above the required 270 needed to win the White House after he took the last beautiful prize of the race – Pennsylvania – in dramatic fashion.

Biden came back from behind to secure the commonwealth of  Pennsylvania to fully restore the blue wall in the mid-western.

Trump, stuck at 213 so far, has alleged fraud, without proof and vows to seek legal redress. Though White House sources say that he is gradually losing the support of top Republicans, who have urged him privately to concede defeat.

Biden did not only restore the blue wall by winning, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania but will also flip the deep red states of Arizona and Georgia. He is comfortably ahead in both states. Bill Clinton was the last democrat to win the state of Georgia in 1992.

With this defeat, Trump becomes the fourth one-term president of the United States. His presidency has been characterized by scandals and pettiness. He will also go down history as the most decisive president in modern American history, accused by many of being a racist. He denies the accusation.

Biden also won the popular votes, with over seventy-three million. No other presidential candidate has won more in history.

Kamala Harris, his running mate will also make history as the first woman, and the first woman of colour, to be elected vice president of the United States.

Biden is expected to speak to the nation soon. But responding to the noise made by Trump, he said in a statement that the American people decide who wins the election. Adding that the government is capable of bundling trespassers out of the White House. It was a veiled reference to the refusal of president Trump to concede defeat and supervise peaceful transition of power.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has sent more agents to Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware to protect the president-elect. They have also imposed a no-fly zone around his residence.

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