IGP Dissolves SARS After Nationwide Protests

Nigeria’s Police Chief, Mohammed Adamu, has responded positively to nationwide protests and dissolved the notorious police unit, the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS).

Inspector General Adamu announced the dissolution on Sunday, days after widespread protests demanding proscription of the unit over allegations of extra-judicial killings, torture, extortion and human rights violations.

“The Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police, otherwise known as SARS, is hereby dissolved across all formations, the 36 state police command and the Federal Capital Territory where they currently exist,” Adamu said.

He said all officers currently serving in the unit are to be redeployed with immediate effect.

New policing arrangements to address the offenses of armed robbery and other violent crimes that fall within the mandate of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad will also be presented in due course, he added.

The IGP assured that an investigation team to deal with the reports of crimes committed against citizens, will be constituted and will include civil society organisations for transparency as culprits will be punished.

SARS was founded in 1992 to combat cases of armed robbery, kidnapping, and other violent crimes. Unfortunately, the united became notorious for intimidation and brutality.

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