Acting NDDC MD Pondei Collapses During House Hearing


The acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Prof Kemebradikumo Pondei, on Monday fainted during an investigative hearing at the National Assembly into alleged corruption and financial recklessness in the commission.

Pondei passed out where he was seated, after he had been grilled for about 45 minutes.

Pondei was later bundled out of the Conference Room 231, venue of the investigative hearing.

Trouble started forty-five minutes into his presentation, a lawmaker, Mr Enwo Igariwey, asked Pondei whether  the money being spent by the NDDC was covered by the 2019 budget.

Igariwey had asked the MD where the commission would get money to pay students on scholarship since the operation of the 2019 budget ended on May 31 and the 2020 budget had yet to be approved.

While Pondei was trying to answer the question, another lawmaker, Mr Wole Oke, said the MD was not looking fine.

Oke had barely finished saying that when Pondei collapsed where he was seated and was carried by security agents and his aides out of the Conference Room 231, venue of the hearing.

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