Chief of staff Not Supposed To Be Heard – Gambari


Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, the newly appointed chief of staff President Muhammadu Buhari, says as the president’s assistant, he is not supposed to be heard.

Gambari said this on Wednesday while speaking during a Channels Television programme.

“It is about the president, not about the chief of staff,” he said.

“I am, as the chief of staff, his assistant, one of his assistants, and maybe one of his principal assistants; and that has to be understood right from the beginning.

“The chief of staff is not to be heard but to be there to serve the president and to make sure his priorities are carried out efficiently, properly and broadly.”

The new chief of staff said he would provide the president with the best advice to organise the office and “to make sure that the machinery runs smoothly.”

Speaking earlier to state house correspondence after he resumed duties, Prof Gambari had pledged to give his best.

“I will serve the nation, Mr President. He needs my loyalty, competence, and support. I will serve to the best of my ability,” he said.

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