Buhari Orders Importation Of Madagascar COVID-19 Syrup


The President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the importation of Madagascar’s cheered coronavirus remedy to Nigeria.

Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, dislcosed this during a briefing in Abuja on Monday.

He said, “Madagascar has made allocations to various countries, and sent them to Guinea Bissau. We‘re supposed to make arrangements to freight Nigeria’s allocation from Guinea Bissau; it‘ll be subjected to the standard validation process for pharmaceuticals.

“Mr President has given instructions for the airlifting of Nigeria’s allocation of the Madagascar COVID-19 Syrup; also given clear instructions that it must be subjected to the standard validation process for pharmaceuticals; there will be no exceptions for this.

“Nigeria has only one national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where there are differing strategies is in the implementation of non-pharmaceutical interventions. But as far as the response is concerned, there is only one national response,” he added.

Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, and Tanzania have taken delivery of consignments of the COVID-19 syrup, which was launched last month.

Madagascar says it is derived from artemisia, a plant with proven anti-malarial properties – and other indigenous herbs.

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