Coronavirus: Chinese Medical Doctors Arrive Nigeria Despite Hostility


Despite the resentment by Nigerian doctors, a team of Chinese medical doctors has arrived the country for a month-long visit to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The coming of the Chinese medicals experts had been strongly opposed by local doctors, under the umbrella, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), citing poor timing and raising concerns over the impact of a similar team that had visited Italy.

The doctors arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on Wednesday evening.

Osagie Enahire, minister of health, had said the doctors were coming with the donated supplies to support the country’s fight against COVID-19.

The items include commodities such as personal protective equipment and ventilators, the minister said.

“I have been notified of medical supplies from China, courtesy of a group of Chinese companies working here in Nigeria.

“An 18-man team of Chinese medical experts including doctors, nurses and other medical advisers shall come along with the flight to assist us. I must at this juncture commend our frontline workers who are doing a great job in case identification and management,” Enahire stated.

The NMA had protested against the plan of bringing Chinese doctors into Nigeria, asking the federal government to instead empower Nigerian doctors to do better.

But the government said it could not reject the offer of China to assist Nigeria in such a critical period.

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