COVID-19: Abia Begins Production Of Face Masks


The Abia state government says it has started production of “certified, quality standard” protective medical kits and masks to cater to the needs of Nigerians and make up for the scarcity of imported ones.

Sam Hart, director-general of the Abia State Marketing and Quality Management Agency, told NAN that Okezie Ikpeazu, governor of the state, initiated the project to ensure Abia people are not exploited during this period.

“The governor does not want Abia people to be exploited and that was part of the reason he gave this challenge to Aba tailors to start producing these kits,” Hart said.

“Apart from meeting national demand, he is also interested in meeting local demand so that the people of Abia can have these masks and kits available.

“That is why he provided support for the tailors, held a meeting with them, and released initial funds for them to start production even before orders started coming.

“That is the foresight that moved us to where we are today that everybody is now coming to pick them up; we have more than enough and they are available everywhere.”

The DG said his agency was handling the distribution of the products on a wholesale basis by buying up available products from the producers to ensure they get money to continue production.

The state is reported to source raw materials locally and abroad and relies on medical practitioners for specifications for production.

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