Army Alleges IPOB Released “Fake” Video Of Boko Haram Killing Soldiers


The Nigerian Army has said that a video clip reportedly released by Boko Haram insurgents showing the execution of Nigerian soldiers is fake, alleging that the video was doctored and released by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Sagir Musa, army spokesman, said this in statement, noting that the video was a tool of propaganda from IPOB and that the incident did not happen in Nigeria.

Musa said, “The Nigerian Army wishes to emphatically state that there was no incident that involved the capture and killing of tens and tens of Nigerian soldiers on the 10th of December 2019, as mischievously and wickedly portrayed in the video,” the statement read.

“Similarly, preliminary observation of the video clip (even by the amateur) will reveal that the video was doctored and that the event captured in the footage was not an occurrence that took place at any point in time within the shores of Nigeria.

“To this end, the Nigerian Army is hereby calling on members of the general public and, indeed, personnel of the Nigerian Army, especially those in the North East theatre of operation, to disregard the video concocted and peddled by the outlawed IPOB members.”

He added that the call by one Simon Ekpa who he said was the “principal actor in the clip”, on soldiers of south-east extraction to “return to Biafra proved it.”

“Also, the call on South Easterners not to join the Nigerian Army is an obvious indication of the essence and objective of the masterminds of this fake video which should be discountenanced by the public.”

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY cannot verify the authencity of the video but it some men held hostage in an open field before being shot dead by the insurgents.

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