Melaye Trailing His “Political Wife” Adeyemi In Kogi West Rerun


The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the rerun in Kogi west senatorial district, Smart Adeyemi, is leading Dino Melaye, his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rival, in the results so far announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Adeyemi is ahead of Melaye with 14,533 votes in five local government areas announced so far. While Adeyemi cleared Kabba Bunnu, Mopamuro, Ijumu and Kogi Koton Karfe, Melaye picked just Yagba East.

In Kaba Bunnu, the APC candidate had 15,037, while his PDP rival had PDP — 8,974. In Mopamuro, APC had 4,874 votes, leaving PDP with 3,704. A total of 14,168 votes was what APC got in Kogi Koton Karfe while PDP trailed with 9,786 votes.

In Ijumu, where both men hail from, APC secured 11,627 while PDP got 7,647 votes. Melaye had 7,745 votes in Yagba East, while Adeyemi polled 6,683.

The total votes for Adeyemi in the five LGAS is 52,389, while Melaye is trailing with 37,856.

In the build up to the election, Melaye had mocked his challenger as his “political wife,” boasting to defeat him any day.

Melaye had said, “I want to assure you that Smart Adeyemi is my political wife.

“I defeated him in 2015, I defeated him in 2019 and any day any time, he is my political wife.”

The court of appeal had annulled Melaye’s victory in the February election and ordered a rerun in Kogi west senatorial district.

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