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Fela Deserves National Recognition, Nigerian Govt Finally Admits

Fela (1)

The Nigerian government has finally admitted that one of country’s iconic musicians, late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti deserves national recognition.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo made the confession on Friday at a town hall meeting in Edo State, noting that Fela deserves such national honour from the government even after his death both as a Nigerian and father of Nigerian modern music.

Mr. Osinbajo, while responding to a question from one of the people present at the town hall meeting, who asked that the National Theatre Lagos be named after the legendary musician, however said the decision to bestow national honour on the Afrobeat creator was not his to make.

Even in death, Fela, the philosophical singer who saw tomorrow, is the most popular Nigerian musician beyond the country’s shores.

Fela relentless waged war against the corrupt ruling class, with the result that he has been consistently left out while undeserving people, including dictators were showered with national honours,

He was against military rule and bad government while he lived.

Born in 1938 in Abeokuta, Fela died on 2nd of August, 1997 in Lagos.

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