Buhari Govt Puts Amnesty Nigeria On Watch List – Report

amnesty inter

The Presidency has placed rights group, Amnesty International Nigeria, under security watch list, The Punch reports.

The organisation is reportedly being watched to determine its interest in a nationwide “revolution” protest being planned for August 5 and being promoted through #RevolutionNow.

A government source reportedly disclosed this to the newspaper, saying the decision to put the organisation on watch list was also taken based on its past anti-government posture.

The government was particularly surprised that the organisation reproduced a message posted on the social media by the organisers of the protest, the source said.

The government official said, “There is a hashtag calling for revolution. A revolution means to overthrow Nigeria’s constitution. Those behind the move have sent out messages that they will start the revolution on August 5.

“Amnesty International Nigeria Office retweeted that message. The issue with is not with the organisers really.

“Of course, the government has been having sleepless nights over consistent reports by Amnesty which have been projecting the government in a bad light.

“But for the organisation to get involved in national politics and retweet such a message is alarming.

“When a Presidency official asked them whether their Twitter handle was hacked, they deleted the tweet. The Presidency is watching Amnesty Nigeria because of this. “

The message, #RevolutionNow, has been trending online.

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