SHOCKING VIDEO: Abak LG Chairman Orders Thugs To Brutalize Local Artisan He was Allegedly Owing N75,000


A very disturbing video is now trending on internet, showing thugs of the Chairman of Abak Local Govt In Akwa Ibom State, Imoh Williams, brutalizing a local artisan, whose only offence was having the audacity to demand his fair recompense of N75,000 after allegedly working for the chairman for several months.

The most troubling thing is that the culprit calls himself a lawyer and democrat.

The man assaulted has been identified as Godwin Abraham, also from Abak Local Government Area.

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY is yet to ascertain the date and the location of the incident in the video, but two yet-to-be identified thugs in the video, allegedly carrying out the behest of Mr. Williams, were seen flogging and meting out inhuman and degarding treatment to the victim – for having the audacity to “insult” the almighty local govt chairman.

One of the thugs is heard in the video interrogating Mr. Abraham who is seen lying helplessly on the bare floor, while the other used his foot to press Abraham’s head to the floor.

The conversation is in Annang, said to be one of the indigenous languages in Akwa Ibom.

“Do you know that you insulted the chairman of Abak Local Government Area?” the interrogation resumed.


“Is it okay for you to insult the chairman of Abak?”


“Do you know that for insulting the chairman of Abak, you have insulted the people of Abak? Who sent you do it?”

“I said nobody! Nobody sent me!”

It is understood that Abraham, frustrated about Williams refusal to pay him his money, had taken to Facebook to whine about his predicament.

“How much does the chairman owe you?” the man who was doing the interrogation asked Abraham.

“All the work I have done for him amount to N75, 000.”

“So, because of that you insulted the chairman of Abak, you went and wrote what you wrote on Facebook?

“Will you delete that thing you wrote on Facebook?”

“Yes, I will,” Abraham answered.

“Listen, you have to go back to Facebook and apologize to the chairman! Write it there that you are begging the chairman and the people of Abak to forgive you.”

At that point, the thug, who was doing the questioning, instructed the other man to flog Abraham, and immediately, the man started whipping him mercilessly with a belt.

All efforts to contact Mr. Williams, as at the time of filing this report, has been unfruitful.

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY will bring you his version of what happened, once it becomes available.

Watch the video:

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