Senate Suspends Recess To Screen Buhari’s Ministerial Nominees


Adedayo Adeyeye, chairman of the senate ad hoc committee on media, on Tuesday told journalists that the upper legislative house has shifted its annual recess by a week in a order to be able to screen ministerial nominees.

On Tuesday, Senate President Ahmad Lawan had read out the names of 43 nominees that President Muhammadu Buhari sent for confirmation.

The senators were supposed to go on their annual recess on Thursday, but Adeyeye said they would sit on Friday and Monday in order to expedite the process.

According to the senate spokesman, the lawmakers are prepared to make sacrifices and “sit till we are tired.”

“We have postponed the recess till next week, end of next week. We are suspending a lot of our rules,” he said.

“Plenary normally does not hold on Fridays, plenary will hold on Friday this week and Monday next week in other to hasten the process. We want to do a thorough job and we want Nigerians to know that we are doing a thorough job. It is going to be a lot of sacrifice on our path.

“We are going to work in unusual hours, normally we sit from 10 to 2pm, that will not apply till during this confirmation hearing. We are going to sit till very late, virtually every day. On Friday, we will sit till we are tired. We will go on a brief recess and proceed until 10pm.

“We have given ourselves enough time, we will work in unusual hours.”

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