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Lawan Had Endorsements In 2015 And Lost, So I’m Interested Only In Votes – Ndume



The senator representing Borno south, Ali Ndume has reacted to the reported endorsement of Ahmad lawan as the next senate president by over 60 senators-elect, saying he is interested in votes and not endorsements.

Lawan is also the anointed candidate of his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) and President Muhammadu Buhari.

But Ndume reminded reporters how in 2015 Lawan, who was also APC consensus candidate at the time, lost the senate presidency to Bukola Saraki.

“He (Lawan) had the endorsement but what happened on the floor of the senate was different. This kind of thing has been there all along.

“Well, I’ve said before that I am not looking for endorsement but looking for votes on election day. You know clearly that there is a difference between endorsement and election.

“We have seen endorsements against several elections. We are there already and it shall become past in a question of hours from now.

“I believe that my colleagues shall vote according to their conscience and they shall vote for a candidate that is more suitable for the position of the senate president. I am not bothered about endorsement rather, I am more worried about the election.

“As I’ve said, I shall go into the election on Tuesday and it shall have two sides; it is either one loses or wins. I do my numbering too, but I do my numbering not by publishing my colleagues’ names.”

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