The Elites Have Taken Over Imo State But “Let No One Fight Me,” Okorocha Begs As He Bows out


Mr. Rochas Okorocha on Wednesday bowed out as Imo State governor, saying the elites have taken over governance in Imo State but begging “Let no one fight me, and I will not fight anybody”.

The former governor made the plea as he addressed his supporters in Government House, Owerri, indirectly calling off the fight he declared before the 2019 Gubernatorial election in the State.

His statement:

“Her Excellency, my wife, in whom l am well pleased. The journey I started with you 8 years ago is coming to an end today. You are still with me and will continue to be with me”.

“My commissioners, my expanded excos, I salute you. Today, nature has permitted that we must shut down “.

“I want to announce to you that the masses have bowed out. The elites have taken over the governance of Imo state”.

“Let me announce to my political enemies to stop. This is because they have no justifiable reason to fight me. Let no one fight me, and I will not fight anybody”.

” As I bow out today, am leaving the total sum of 42.5 Billion naira for the incoming government. 8.1 plus another 7.6 Billion naira totalling 15.7 Billion naira is in Zenith bank. 5.2 Billion naira is in Access Bank for payment of pensioners.

Another 21.6 Billion naira is in First bank meant for rural roads. Just yesterday, we received a tax refund of 5.6 and it’s with Zenith. This therefore bring the total money left for the government to 48.1 Billion naira”.


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