FCT Demolishes Caramelo Club Abuja, Renders 105 Jobless


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has demolished Caramelo, a popular night club in Abuja, claiming it constituted a nuisance in the area.

The demolition, which according to club owner, Maxwell Eze has rendered 105 Nigerians jobless, was carried out Monday morning.

This comes less than a month after FCTA officials and police officers raided the same club, arrestig more than 34 “lady-strippers.”

The ladies later alleged that the policemen, who carried out the raid, sexually abused them.

The FCTA, which gave the club owners vacation notice last week, claimed the club is located in a residential area and that the use of the building violates Abuja Master Plan.

Mr. Umar Shuaibu, cordinator of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, an FCTA agency, had told journalists that the plot where the club is built was oroginally marked for a health clinic.

According to him, the club was raided following complaints from residents on alleged nuisance, leading to a surveillance in the area.

He said, “The outcome of the surveillance revealed that the complaints are genuine and real. Please note that the substance of these complaints include, noise nuisance from loud party music, nude/strip dancing club activities intractable traffic challenge, resulting from uncontrolled patronage to the commercial nightclub within the residential precinct.”

Meanwhile the city administration’s claims were pushed back by Mr. Maxwell Eze, the club owner.

he lamented the destruction of his property, saying he is a law-abiding citizen.

“They just destroyed N500 million in a struggling economy,” Mr Eze said. “This is deliberate sabotage of this country’s economy.”

Mr Eze said at least 105 Nigerians were directly employed at Caramelo, with the lowest paid earning above the minimum wage.

“Now, not only the 105 people have been rendered jobless, our suppliers and other indirect labourers will have to find ways to earn a living for themselves and families.”

A cross section of Nigerians accuse the FCTA of pursuing an unnecessary moral cum religious agenda in a secular country.


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