Uche Nwosu’s Fruitless Journey To Land Of The Dead, Another Act Of Iberiberism, By Aic Akwarandu

uche-nwosu-1024x577 (1)

Recently, I have refrained from making comments on the post-election matters considering the fact that those involved have approached the court and at this point, only the tribunal has the final say.

However, I’m indeed moved to dust my pen again in response to the claims made by the roundly defeated AA Candidate; Uche Nwosu.

Let me begin by asking, Did Uche Nwosu ever think that he can defeat Ihedioha in any electoral contest in Imo? Uche Nwosu must be suffering from political hallucination to have believed that aside Okorocha His father-in-law and the ill-gotten wealth from Imo Bailout fund and other State resources, He can make any electoral impact in the State considering the maladministration witnessed under his watch as the “irregular” Governor of Imo State.

Like Achebe noted in Things fall Apart, Mr Uche Nwosu is like the Nza bird you got overfeed and then decided to challenge his “chi” to a contest. Nwosu must be advised not to allow his ambition consume him. Imo State has a lot of exposed young people who have made significant impacts in their various endeavors. There is nothing wrong in having ambition, but there is everything wrong in allowing ambition control you. Elections come and go then another election comes. Only those who appreciate political process benefits from it.

Serious mental checks must be suggested for the failed AA candidate who through his statement that dead people voted for Ihedioha in Mbaise ascribed the good people of Mbaise and by extension Ndi Imo to be dead. Yes, Mr Uche Nwosu is aware that Imo State recorded its highest death rate under the administration of his father inlaw. Based on this record, it was surprising for Nwosu to believe that a good number of people could organize themselves together to support their son and their preferred candidate. Indeed, what a way to live in fools paradise.

Let it also be on record that the public is aware of the Governors clandestine move to arrange fake list of dead people across the state to present in court. Yes, this is already in the public galore. The Governor had hosted “his structure” at the last floor of Willie Wood Hotels, former Lamond Hotels, one of his many properties, where He told them to compile the list of dead people in their various LGAs and wards. While this may sound laughable, the public must be aware of Okorocha’s parting gifts to Ndi Imo. At a time when other outgoing Governors are counting Projects, the Outgoing governor of Imo is counting dead people.

Conclusively, it is important to note that Imo Gubernatorial elections ended as far back as March 9th 2019. The election came with its challenges and these were faced by all the major players in the process. The product of that election shall remain indelible in the minds of the people. The people came out to defeat tyranny, familiocracy and Iberiberism. The people spoke with one voice and with this, every statesman has accepted and moved on in good faith. Those trying to drag Imo back must be resisted.

Meanwhile, while Mr Nwosu continues his journey to the dead to identify those who voted against him, let the New Imo the People voted for begin.


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