Inmate Delivers Twins In Calabar Prison


An inmate at the Afokang prison, Calabar, Cross River state, has given birth to twins, a boy and girl.

Inyang Asibong, commissioner for health, told NAN that the lady gave birth to the twins on Thursday at the Prison yard in Calabar.

The commissioner said she received a distress call from the prison authorities about an inmate with complicated labour issues.

She disclosed that her team immediately swung into action to provide health services to the inmate.

“The Cross River government has taken responsibility for a set of twins delivered by a female inmate of the Calabar Prisons,” she said.

“The lady was delivered of a set of twins, a boy and a girl, and unfortunately developed some postpartum morbidity and had to be referred for expert management.

“The state government had taken over management of the babies and already christened them Benedict and Linda Ayade.

“While awaiting full recovery of the mother. This also highlights the magnanimity of the governor in ensuring no child goes to bed hungry.”

She said the prison authorities commended the state government for the swift response to their call on the critical condition of the inmate.

NAN said when one of its correspondents visited the prisons, the identity of the lady was not disclosed because she is still in prison.

An officer who pleaded anonymity, was quoted as saying the lady was currently receiving treatment at a medical facility in Calabar.

When asked when the lady was admitted into the prison, the officer said: “That is a classified information and I can’t give answer to that please.”

Nonetheless, it is possible that the lady was impregnated inside the prison.

If so, the big question would be: by who?


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