Oshiomhole Can’t Dictate To Senators, He’s Not A Member Of The National Assembly – Abaribe


The senator representing Abia south, Eyinnaya Abaribe has faulted Adams Oshiomhole, national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), for de-marketing his party, saying he is not in the position to dictate on how senators will choose their leader because he is not a member of the National Assembly.

Mr. Abaribe said this in an interview with the Punch.

The senate leader, Ahmad Lawan, has been endorsed by the APC for senate president, but Abaribe, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), noted that Mr. Oshiomhole is making life difficult for whoever he is promoting.

He said, “I had cause at one time to advise Oshiomhole not to be so garrulous in his statements and I think he hasn’t learnt any lessons. You don’t choose for us or determine for us who becomes what in the senate.

“I think because he has never been a member of the parliament, he just doesn’t want to take advice from those who have been in the National Assembly.

“Even the senate president cannot sit down and say ‘I give you this ABCD’. It never happens. There is always a committee that is called the selection committee

“Oshiomhole is de-marketing his party and actually making the PDP members to think twice about whoever the APC is bringing up. This decision, as I said, will be done on the floor of the senate.

“Like senator Ali Ndume has earlier said, it is not constitutional for somebody to wake up and begin to talk to you from outside that he wants to determine what happens in an exclusive club where the person is not a member.”


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