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We’re Challenging Buhari’s Election Victory Because Its A Monumental Fraud – Peter Obi


The vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has said his party is challenging the outcome of the February 23 presidential election because it was a “monumental” fraud.

Mr. Obi said this in a statement on Tuesday, noting that the decision of Atiku Abubakar, PDP presidential candidate, to challenge the election result in court is in line with democratic principles.

The former Anambra State governor said challenging the election result in court is the most civilised way to seek redress and grow the country’s democracy.

Acording to him, Atiku has always stood for democracy.

“By challenging the fraud, we have decided to deepen democracy the civilised way as a party and a people that believe in the rule of law,” he said.

Obi added that letting the election result to go unchallenged would have been “suicidal”.

Atiku had on Monday filed a petition before the presidential election tribunal asking it to declare him the authentic winner or, in te alternative, cancel the election.

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