No Nigerian Is To Blame For This Democratic Coup, By Charles Ogbu

It is the height of naivety for anyone to accuse the endangered people of Benue, Kaduna, Zamfara and other herdsmen/Boko Haram ravaged North plus python dance head quarter of Abia and a few other places of voting for Buhari and proceed to conclude that people from those places are in love with suffering and death.

No Nigerian is to blame for this democratic coup.

In an election conducted by Professors who don’t need extra light and ruler to announce results they wrote down themselves in a fully lighted room, Buhari won’t get any reasonable votes in the aforementioned places.

But in an election where the so called Umpire devised means like late or none arrival of voting materials in opposition stronghold with military and police actively helping the ruling party to subvert the process, you really can’t blame anyone for the outcome of the results.

This is not #NigeriaDecides. Nigerians didn’t decide anything. INEC, the security agencies and Buhari did. But anyone who claims he didn’t expect this is either lying to himself or lying to us all.

We knew Buhari and his desperate Cabal never prepared for a free and fair election but we went to the Poll because election remains the only legitimate means of changing a govt.

The only other illegitimate but effective means is violence. Another even more effective means is the People’s Revolution and disputed election is the fastest trigger for that.

I couldn’t have been more proud of myself for joining millions of Nigerians in expressing my dissatisfaction with Buhari, a man whose way of life contrasts sharply with my value system of fairness, justice and respect for life.

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With massive video, picture and documentary proof of INEC-enabled fraud which we all saw on National Television during the results announcements, the ball is now in the court of Atiku Abubakar and the PDP.

Be it street protest, parallel government or whatever it is that needs to be done, they are the people who should initiate it.

If they chose not to, we might as well brace up to live with this fascism forever because the truth is, if this is allowed to stand, that is the beginning of the end for this country and all her inhabitants.

One fact no one should dis-remember is that in the ethno-religious apartheid government of Buhari, whether you are from the South, West or North, whether your name is Tinubu or Okorocha or even Akpabio…

“We Are All Casualties”.

Nigerians have done their part.

It is now time for Atiku and his PDP to do theirs.

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