Buhari A Power Monger Who Put On Garb Of Democrat To Grab Power – Atiku

atiku warns

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has described President Muhammadu Buhari as more of a power monger, who just put on the garb of a democrat so he could return to power, but remains a general.

Atiku said this at the 84th emergency meeting of the PDP national executive council, saying the former military dictator was not involved in the struggle for democracy in Nigeria.

On Monday, President Buhari ordered the military and the police to kill ballot box sntachers, contrary to the provisions of the Electoral Act, which provides fr a maximum of 24 months imprisonment for such offence.

But the PDP presidential candidate said there is no cause for alarm because military commanders do not have to obey the president in carrying out orders that are inconsistent with the law of the land.

He said, “I want to direct this message to our military commanders and officers. You know that the military commanders and officers are not bound to execute orders that are manifestly unlawful.

“This is the law, this is the tradition in the military; so if you are a professional military officer and soldier and also a policeman, you are not bound to execute an order that is manifestly unlawful, no matter who issues that order.”

Meanwhile, Sagir Musa, army spokesman, has told the press that the army’s involvement starts and ends with the provision of a peaceful and secure environment for the conduct of the elections.

“Our actions are guided by the extant rules of engagement and code of conduct. The constitution of Nigeria is the grundnorm guiding all our actions,” he explained.


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