Imo Gov 2019: Ike Ibe, Arch-Bishop Obinna’s Remarks And The Aggregates Of Other Party Members, By Chinedu Ukawuilu

ike ibe

‘‘Don’t give your votes to a small boy, who became a billionaire overnight by stealing of public funds in the state.
We will try that party, whose logo is representing running potable tap water because Imo State needs neat water to calm our land down’’ – Archbishop AJV Obinna.

Rt Hon Ike C Ibe, of the Independent Democrats Party – whose symbol is a running tap water pump, was primed to succeed former governor Achike Udenwa of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in 2007. Suddenly, as often, something untoward happened. In those days, PDP as a party featured no candidate. Since then, as our Catholic catechism teaches, ‘‘and that’s why we are faced with abject suffering and possible death’’.

The political events in Imo State are shaping up, with so many precipitate actions, beyond the reach of fake news. Some quality candidates, who are hidden in relatively smaller parties are now being thrown up like ‘‘political tantrums’’.

Long before now, the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Metropolitan See earned, for himself and for the dominant Catholic Church, the revered reputation as the Light Bearer for the people. It was he who first let the cat out of the bag, when he quipped in his characteristic manner.

While addressing a college of gubernatorial candidates in Imo State, he said, ‘‘I have succeeded in building a befitting statue of the Holy Family of Jesus in front of the Maria Assumpta Cathedral. I don’t want politicians to deface the edifice with their political posters. My expectation is that we can now build fountain water around it – to make it more beautiful’’. This was an indirect and suitable reference to the good things to come through the Independent Democrats party, whose logo is a water pump.

Although Ndi Imo, who are mainly Catholics, are waiting for an unambiguous statement – which may never come directly from their Chief Shepherd anyway, many knowledgeable people are now quietly taking sides, shifting the centre of equilibrium.

A forth night ago, led by their Chairman, the entire Ward Chairmen of ORU-East of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) pledged their support for the gubernatorial candidate of the Independent Democrats, even as their counterparts in remaining Orlu Zone are falling heel over head in love with the I.D guber candidate. APGA officials at the ward and Local Government levels in Ezinihitte- Mbaise and Ikeduru LGAs are now beginning to nose around to follow their heart.

Long before the Archbishop’s remarks, perhaps due to foresights, the entire twenty-seven (27) LGA structures of the United People’s Party (UPP), whose logo is Tiger Head, collapsed to support the I.D party’s guber candidate.

In Nigerian politics, many things happen, and you can be sure to feed your curiosity. A large cache of Zenith-Labour Party (ZLP), which actually has a gubernatorial candidate, is amongst those with ‘‘Necodemus Syndrome’’ (NS). Those of them in Owerri North, Owerri West and the Municipal had held top level secret meetings, which saw their collapsed to support the I.D party. At the time of writing this article, the rate of nocturnal meetings is on the rise, and these ‘‘necodemuses’’ continue to shift the nexus in favour of the I.D party.

In Nigeria, where politics is mainly about money, gullible and uneducated voters had hoped on the so-called political Big Three parties.
The All Progressives Congress party (APC), whose candidate is Senator Hope Uzodimma – a man largely seen as wanton, whose utterances and thought pattern are not far from ‘‘Bentley and Moet’’, who misappropriated a USD12Million oil contract, is stalled.

The APC is in loggerheads with their cousin Action Alliance party (AA) because of the personae involved. The outgoing APC governor, who is contesting the senatorial seat in Orlu Zone, shipped his puppet son-in-law, Mr Uche Nwosu, to AA for the gubernatorial race. Inside APC and AA parties, greed, fear, intrigues will never cease until the Archbishop’s lead quote is realized. Greed and fear are the cause of their death there!

The gubernatorial candidate of APGA is Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, who usurped the party ticket. He shot himself on the foot, when he scared away the remaining mainstream members of the party with the introduction of his Destiny political group. APGA was a grass root party, until the usurpation destroyed its fragments and structure. Many candidates for the various political positions under APGA are now negotiating with other parties, including I.D party, in a political trade by barter. Tactically they are dumping their principal. Senator Ifeanyi Ararume and APGA are now history.

Although Ndi Imo are sympathetic to the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the national level, the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha – who sat on a yearly unaccounted N4Billion development funds for 8 years, is facing an elite probe in the court of the people’s conscience.
Regardless of what the public opinion says, and where the aggregates of other members of the party tilt, tomorrow’s presidential election is a main factor.

At a time in nature there comes when a thing is called by its name, according to an Igbo proverb. Ndi Imo have never wished away their Archbishop’s remarks, whether they come unambiguously or as witty remarks.

And whenever they hearken to his voice, the people rejoice because their Bishop is a Priest and King.


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