VIDEO: Saraki Urges Nigerian Youths To Vote Atiku And Defend Their Votes

saraki kwara

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has urged Nigerians youths to come out on Saturday to vote for the Atiku/Obi ticket of the Peoles Democratic Party (PDP) for a better Nigeria.

Mr. Saraki made the appeal in a video he posted on his Twitter handle on Sunday, saying that the presidential election on February 16 can only be rigged if they don’t come out and vote, and also defend their votes.

The Director General of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, reminded the youths that the future of the nation lies in their hands, adding that not voting should not be an option.

He assured the Youths that Atiku/Obi will get the economy working and provide jobs for the youths.

He said: “This message is to our youths. With over 40 per cent of registered voters, you can decide the direction of our country through your votes.

“You may not be entirely satisfied with the political process, but not voting is not an option.

“You have started the process by collecting your PVCs, you must follow through and vote next Saturday.

“Today, all over the world, your generation decides who leads their various countries; Nigeria must not be different. You guys are hardworking, innovative and patriotic, so you must play a role in deciding who leads us for the next four years.”

“Come Saturday, February 16, you must come out en mass and vote. To sit at home is not an option. You have a big say in your future only if you vote.

“I hear some of you saying the elections will be rigged, this can only happen when electorates don’t show up at the polling unit; if you show up, te can’t rig.”

Watch the video below:


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