Once You Join APC, Your Sins Are Forgiven – Oshiomhole


The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, has re-echoed what majority of Nigerians laready believe, saying that once you join the APC your sins are forgiven.

Mr. Oshiomhole said this at the APC rally in Benin, the Edo State capital, on Thursday while receiving some members of the Peoples Democratic Party into the APC at the event.

He said, “We have some PDP defectors. They are, Henry Tenebe, Iluobe….Iluobe means I have done something wrong. Yes, once you join the APC, your sins are forgiven.”

Oshiomhole advised the people to vote for the President and all the APC candidates at the polls, so as they would continue to enjoy what he called the democratic dividends such as wealth transfer, traderMoni, and agricultural favourable policies.

“Mr. President, your constituency is the Nigeria people who like what you are doing in form of wealth transfer, market money and others. All these show a heart that is committed to our people.

“In 2015 presidential election, Edo State scored 45 per cent because then we were not in control of the federal government. But today, we control the local government, state and federal so we should be able to give him more than 60 per cent.

“So vote for President Buhari, a man who is catching thieves for another four years, and know the difference between the PDP’s 16 years of thievery and APC years of progress,” Oshiomhole said.


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