Buhari Ducks Question Over Ganduje’s Bribery Videos On NTA Live Broadcast

buhari and nta

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday ducked a question over the bribery allegations against Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

At a town hall appearance on Wednesday night, moderated by Kadaria Ahmed, and broadcast live on NTA, Mr. Buhari said Ganduje’s matter has become a subject of judicial and legislative proceedings, and speaking about it could be subjudice.

That aside, he also said he did not know if the videos were not manipulated. However, the videos have since being confirmed by various experts as authentic.

Recall that the Kano governor was seen in videos, published by the Daily Nigerian, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars as bribe from public work contractors.

The newspaper said the video was recorded by public works contractors, who had frequently complained about the governor’s love for bribe-taking.

But when asked about it, the president argued that the decision of the Kano State House of Assembly to investigate the scandal and other lawsuits on the matter, makes it impossible for him to speak publicly about it.

He however said he had seen the videos, but then he asked, “Does Ganduje have to take the money himself, smiling?”

Mr Buhari, however, said he hopes to get a better understanding of the matter and possibly a conclusive response when he visits Kano to campaign in the coming days.

“I hope by the time I go to Kano for my campaign there will be some answers from the court or the Assembly,” he said.

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