Don’t Waste Taxpayers’ Money By Using Presidential Jet To Campaign, Atiku Spokesman Tells Buhari

buhari departs

A spokesperson for the Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign, Phrank Shuaibu, has told President Muhammadu Buhari not to waste taxpayers’ money by using the presidential jet for the 2019 campaign.

Shuaibu said this on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Monday,

According to him, since Buhari had admitted that the economy had failed under his watch, he should desist from lavishing tax payers’ money on campaigns.

In fact, Mr. Shuaibu advised the president to throw in the towel.

He said, “He has come out to say he has failed and it has nothing to do with our party. You know as well that here is a man that was sworn in on May 29, 2015 and inaugurated his cabinet after 166 days, leaving the economy in the hands of the Central Bank of Nigeria and he left many things unattended to and we slipped into a recession which we hadn’t seen since 1991.

“So, saying the PDP is his problem is completely out of context.

“Why waste tax payers’ money to go into an election? So that he will spend money junketing from one place to the other? Using our presidential jet and tax payer’s money to fund it? Impossible! Let us leave the country to more serious people to run.”


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