PRESS RELEASE: Independent Democrats Party Unveils Imo Governorship Running Mate.

Obinna Emuka

Today another new threshold of preparedness, to take over the reins of government in Imo State come 2019, has been reached by the Independent Democrats party and its gubernatorial candidate, Rt Hon Ike C Ibe. And this demonstrates a determined show of strength and tangible milestone.

It comes at this time when many gubernatorial candidates face litigations due largely to the processes that produced them and their character. Reportedly many of these candidates have had their overtures turned down by men and women of integrity, whom they approached for the position of a running mate, in order to repair their battered image and chequered political history.

In this lead therefore, after some painstaking and careful processes, and having passed some stringent criteria, we now present to Ndi Imo the Compatible Half of a Single and Undivided Whole, in the person of Barr Obinna Emuka, who is an astute technocrat and dogged believer in the Igbo Dream – the dream of a Shared and Common Humanity.

Born on the 6th day of November, 1962, to the family of Rev Canon and Mrs D.O.B Emuka of Umuneke Ngor in Ngor Okpala Local Government Area (LGA), Barr Obinna Emuka is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He is also the Founder and Principal Counsel in the law firm of Obinna Emuka & Associates in Aba, Abia State, after he branched out of his civil service career to obtain a bachelor degree (LLB) and a master degree (LLM) in law, from the Abia State University. Currently he is a PhD student in Law.

He started his illustrious civil service career as a Town Planning Assistant and Field Surveyor for the Imo State government, in the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Urban Development, where he rose to the peak of his career.

As a growing child, he was part of the Rev Canon Emuka & his Missionary family. He followed his father to wherever service to God and humanity led them, as they preached the Good News from one mission to another within the Owerri Zone and beyond.

He attended missionary schools in Avu in Owerri West LGA; Orodo in Mbaitoli LGA; Akabo and Uzoagba in Ikeduru LGA and Okpala in Ngor Okpala LGA. He learned his people. He is full and alive with the sights, sounds and needs of the people.

In his natural call to service, he ran for the office of the senate for Owerri Zone in 2011. He also ran for the office of the Federal House of Representatives for Aboh Mbaise/Ngor Okpala Constituency in 2015.

He served as the Acting Chairman, State Disciplinary Committee for the now-in-disarray All Progressives Grand Alliance party (APGA). As an agent of emancipation, he is a social reformer and a strong-as-steel advocate of corruption-free governance. Above all, he is strong believer in the Igbo Dream in Nigeria, whereby he champions the loftiest of Igbo Values and Dreams.

We now give Ndi Imo the strongest link to good governance under a joint gubernatorial I.D party ticket, which is Rt Hon Ike C. Ibe and Barr Obinna Emuka, who are the original Ndi APGA to the core. They are ardent crusaders and believers in the dreams of our founding father.

Odeberele Everywhere!

Ukawuilu Chinedu


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  1. Congratulations am sure bar Emuka is good to go we are solidly with you .


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