Obasanjo Slams N1bn Suit On Journalist For Linking Him To Murder Of Ige And Harry Marshall



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has sued a radio presenter, Mr Akanda Oro, popularly known as Awikonko, for saying that he had a hand in the assassination of the late Attorney General of the Federation, Chief Bola Ige (SAN), and the National Vice-Chairman of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party, Marshall Harry.

In the suit filed by his lawyer, Kanu Agabi before Justice O.A Adenyi of Apo Federal Capital Territory High Court with number FCT/HC/CV/2920/18, Mr. Obasanjo said the claims by the journalist, which were also posted on social media, were malicious and false.

The former president is demanding for N1 billion in damages and that Awikonko retract the publication, which he claimed is injurious to his hard earned reputation.

The suit partly read, “A declaration that the publication complained of are false, malicious, unjustified, injurious, scornful, distasteful, unsavoury and have exposed the claimant to public odium, ridicule and disdain both nationally and internationally.

“A declaration that the words complained of do not constitute a valid exercise by the defendant of his freedom of speech.

“The sum of one billion naira only against the defendant as general damages for the defamation of the claimant’s hard earned reputation.”

It is alleged that the journalist said on live radio that Obasanjo killed Ige and that President Muhammadu Buhari had also said that at the burial of the late Harry that the Obasanjo-led government sponsored the killing of the ANPP chieftain.

It was alleged that Mr. Oro said, “Obasanjo’s murder of Bola Ige, if not for the shortage of time, I would have listed the names of those murdered by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo during his regime. Bloodshed during Obasanjo Aremu’s regime was too much (foolish old man).

“There are repercussions for every evil deed done… In case you hear of my death, do not be sad. Perhaps this is the only mission I have been sent by God to accomplish. The fellow that killed a whole Minister of Justice and Aattorney General of the Federation went scot free.

“So, what will it cost him to kill me, a commoner? Let him commit suicide or take himself before ogun shrine to swear that he does not know anything about the murder of Bola Ige and Marshall Harry or that all his children die in his lifetime.”


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  1. Former Nigerian President Obasanjo Slams N1bn Suit On Journalist For Linking Him To Murder Of Bola Ige And Harry Marshall When He was President – Matthews' Blog

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