Loud Resounding ‘‘Ugori’’ As Imo APGA Suspends Chairman Peter Ezeobi, By Kelechi Abonuyo

Peter Ezeobi

‘‘At last all-powerful Master, you give leave to your servant to go in peace, according to your promise, for my eyes have seen your salvation which you have prepared’’ was an ebullient outpouring of emotion when the Infant Jesus was presented to Simeon, who had waited to see the Saviour.

If you minus the Nunc Dimittis aspect of the interpretation, this outpouring of emotion is equivalent to the Igbo man’s Ugori (Ugoli for Onitsha-Igbo dialect), which is an ebullient sound made by Igbo man at the fullness of joy. He simply gets to a suitable corner of the courtyard, cups his mouth with his palm and lets out profound joys. That’s man and ugori for you.

The State Deputy Chairman of embattled All Progressives Grand Alliance party (APGA), together with men and women of honour who form the State Working Committee (SWC), on Tuesday converged at the prestigious Rock View hotel, near the Imo State Government House, to denounce and suspend the shamed State Chairman, Barrister Peter Ezeobi and the “few Judases” behind him.

According to the group, their primary aim is to distance themselves from “the charade and swindling that took place in APGA party in the month of October, whereby the party died its conscience and betrayed party men and women in particular and Ndi Igbo in general.”

The betrayal came with too much ripple effect. The first was the handing over of the guber ticket to Sen Ifeanyu Ararume, who is seen as a mercenary of the presidency to thwart the common good of Ndi Igbo.

In a world press conference held at Rock View Hotel, the State Deputy Chairman was flanked by 21 out of 27 Local Government APGA chairmen, 9 members of the SWC, 8 former guber aspirants and a host of aspirants at the different levels such as Senate, House of Representatives, and House of Assembly. They are the core APGA members, who toiled beyond lips service to permeate the APGA ideology to the hearts of Ndi Imo.

In the document released after the conference, the group itemized their aggro with the leadership of the party, which it says compromised with outsiders to defraud Ndi Imo. The rape was too much a pain in the heart to bear to reconcile.

One Imo APGA chieftain, who did not want his name in prnt, told CHECKPOINTCHARLEY that “tday Imo electorate can heave a sigh of relief in the new course, taking inspiration from the powerful ugori.

“The New APGA, let by Rt Hon Ike C Ibe and the core members of APGA structure have provided an alternative political platform, the Independent Democrats, through which Ndi Imo can express their cherished Igboness, in order to shame forever the Devil and his workers of iniquity.”

It is hoped that some APGA members still battling with uncertainty and indecision will be able to take decisive actions this week to reunite with their folks. As always, home is where the heart is, he added.

see below the suspension letter:


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  1. Beautiful piece.
    You have this art of using our cultural heritage to relate to your audience


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