ERA Urges IPOB To Shelf Election Boycott


IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu

The Eastern Region Assembly (ERA) a group championing for the interest of the people of the South East has urged the leaders of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) not to push for the boycott of the 2019 General Election, in the interest of the region.

The group said this in a statement on Wednesday by its Asst. National Secretary, Emmanuel Ezeigwe and sent to CHECKPOINTCHARLEY.

It stated that IPOB, led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, “no doubt has good intention and reason to move for the freedom of the Igbo Nation and actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra forward, but they have to come to the reality of understanding that their strategy at this point will further box Ndigbo to the corner than bringing them to the front burner.”

ERA advised IPOB that the only way to rupture the grand narratives of the “oppressive Nigerian government” is to fully participate in the elections and then fuse links that will lead the Igbo Nation to its greater heights in leading the Nation to Maximal progress and as well bring the Igbo Liberation.

The statement read, “It is pertinent for the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB to understand the gross implications of calling for election boycott in a country that they have labelled zoo.

“It is crystal clear that in a zoo such as this, there is little or no tolerance for Rule of Law and therefore IPOB will not just be shooting themselves in the leg but will be a total crippling for any hope they ever wielded for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra and the course of noble living for the Igbo Nation.

“IPOB should understand that election boycott will not lead to a Referendum, neither will it bring to light the Biafra Nation, but would handover the total political power to other tribes and the Northern Hegemony the absolute control and suppression of the Igbo Nation that they have long sought.

“IPOB should as a matter of urgency embrace the tactics of other Pan Igbo and Pro-Biafra unions in seeing that government power is restored to the Old Eastern Region that have for over Five decades been relegated to the background.

“The Igbo Nation does not have the absolute number to have maximum effect on the 2019 election as against their counterparts in the North, who goes as far as getting the underage to vote in elections.

“Therefore, getting the help of our South-South brothers in voting for a candidate that is sure to favour the course of the Igbo Nation cum Biafra actualization is needed at this given period.

“While we do not want to be certain about the Atiku/Obi promises on Restructuring, it will be better we come together and chart a way forward by demanding that Atiku/Obi should tell us categorically his Restructuring plan as regards the 1963 constitution and how he will work with the legislators to ensure good and smooth realization of these promises.

“ERA urges IPOB to take a statistics survey into the 2015 elections, and they will realize the strength of vote of a particular region in championing the aims and objectives of their movement.

“IPOB should join force with other Pan Igbo unions in exercising their franchise through putting their PVC into use in the coming 2019 general elections and take the power back, as well as enshrine laws and statutes that will favour the Igbo Nation, via unanimously putting their brothers in strategic seats of power in the Nigerian Nation.

“ERA and other pro Biafra cum Pan Igbo groups have taken this route to ensure that the Igbo Nation Mandate is restored and taken from the hands of those that sees us as slaves in a country that we helped build and has imputed more into it’s economic, infrastructural, health, education, defence, etc, development but have still not had the lead role to bring to bear the desired dream of every Nigerian.

“It should be clear to IPOB that they cannot achieve this alone and with their style, because the said Nigerian government they want to fight with election boycott is waiting for opportunity to unleash war against them since they have tagged them terrorist group.

“ERA challenges IPOB on the need to uniting with their co groups and restore their place, assist in bringing to reality the Igbo Nation goal of Independence.

“Finally, ERA posits that the plight of the Igbo Nation can only be best driven home via maximum participation in the elections and will effect a force with great alacrity if we vote in one direction.

“Doing that will push home the desire of the Igbo Nation with great velocity and as a matter of contingency a referendum or a means of independence for the Igbo Nation which can be taken to the table for dialogues.

“This could bring victory to Ndigbo at last.

“Boycotting the elections can only further hand power down to those that have kept us all in the dark for long ages.

“Our low participation in elections so far have long distanced us from freedom and by full participation in the elections we can only be liberated from this corrupt holocaust that have for long plagued our future.”



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