“Imo Elites Are Fighting Me Because I Refused To Share Imo Money,” Okorocha Falsely Claims


Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, has claimed that Imo elites are fighting him because he refused to allow them do whatever they wanted with Imo treasury.

Mr. Okorocha, who has been having a running battle with Imo APC stakeholders told State House correspondents on Tuesday that the fight was all about the state treasury.

According to him some politicians wanted him to share money, which he had refused.

He said: “The issue of reconciling with the elites is a very difficult one and the more you reconcile you either not to give up or you reconcile because what they want you cannot afford to give them.

“The elites want you to give them the local government so that the money that comes from the local government, they take it that is the reconciliation they want.

“The elites will want you to give them the contract of the entire state budget. The elites will want you to pay their medical bills in their hundreds of millions.

“The elites want to be in power and then do whatever they want to do with the treasury of the state.

“The struggle for power in this state is not for power really to govern the people, it is a struggle for the treasury of Imo state and that is what I am protecting.”

Mr. Okorocha’s view may not represent the truth.

It is not only the elites that are fighting him, CHECKPOINTCHARLEY can confirm, based on opinion poll carried out in the state, that the masses are opposed to the way the governor is running the state. And they, like the elite are not amused by Okorocha’s plan to instal his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu as his successor in 2019.

In fact, therein lies the genesis of the fight between Mr. Okorocha and APC chieftains in Imo, including his deputy, Eze Madumere.


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  1. Don’t worry,we know the truth


  2. Don’t worry we know the truth


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