World Leaders Haven’t Stayed In Nigeria Beyond Few Hours Because Buhari Didn’t Understand Nor Contributed To Discussion – Saraki



A Peoples Democratic Party, Bukola Saraki, on Tuesday said world leaders who visited Nigeria did not stay beyond few hours because they were convinced that their host, President Muhammadu Buhari did not understand their mission or contributed to the discussion as expected.

Mr. Saraki said this while addressing PDP delegates in Oyo State during a meeting, noting that Nigerians voted President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 but they have been shortchanged as a few people who constituted themselves as a cabal had been ruling them, instead of the man the voted for.

He described Buhari as incompetent and unfit to be president.

The Senate President stated that Nigerians must vote for a capable leader in 2019, stressing that this was critical to the development of the country, adding that the nation could not take the over 80 million Nigerians out of poverty without a President with drive, vision and focus. .

He said, “Over the years, we have made mistakes in electing people based on sentiment. Yes, it is time we corrected it. We will correct it because we are capable. Over the years, we have voted for people based on religion, the language they speak and where they came from in Nigeria. We need people who have the courage, capacity, ability and determination.

“I have shown over the years, particularly in the recent years that one has the opportunity of leadership, that I have the capacity to take Nigeria forward. The countries that have done well did so not by bringing leaders by chance but because they looked for capable leaders. It is time to pick such a leader.

“The President we have now does not understand leadership. We have endured him for more than three years but it is the same thing. Nigerians voted for him (Buhari) but a cabal is ruling the country. That is not what democracy means. This time, let us look for who can do it. In Nigeria today, we do not have unity. What we need in the present world is a digital President.

“When your president sits with world presidents, he should be able to understand what they are saying. That is why presidents who have visited the country did not stay more than a few hours. But when they know that their host understands them, they will stay longer and explore investment opportunities in Nigeria.”


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  1. Saraki is lucky to be in Nigeria otherwise he should be prison for years, from Savannah Bank, Governor to senator. Saraki’s family ruling Kwara from day one and look at the state now with nothing to show as development.



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