UK Resident Nigerian Engineer Kelechi Abonuyo Returns Home To Serve His Ikeduru People

kele and form

A Nigerian engineer based in the United Kingdom, Mr. kelechi Abonuyo, has set the pace for other Diaspora Nigerians to follow, by leaving his comfort zone to return home to serve his Ikeduru people.

After announcing his intention on Social Media sometime in July to come back and do his bit to liberate his people from the grip of bad governance, Engr. Abonuyo on Monday demonstarted his resolve by picking the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, nomination form for the Imo State House of Assemby 2019 election.

The aspirant, popularly known as “Colonel A1” and “Obioha Ikeduru” announced this on his Facebook page in the early hours of Tuesday.

He wrote:

My resolve Vs your Hope:

Dear friends, today I went further to demonstrate my resolve, which is, far away, beyond lips service.
I dipped hand into my front pocket to remove a hard earned one million naira to purchase, fill out and then submit my nomination and expression of interest forms.
That action is surely costly and made me, as expected, a million naira poorer. But that also has given Our Common Humanity an opportunity to be infinitely richer, with a bit of fresh air, which I intend to inject.
Our resolve is a serious one.
I know we can have a proper common humanity, when we recover our life back from the rogues, who constantly maim us.
As the race gets tougher and more costly, i crave you to indulge in a good course, with your support. I see this, if we succeed in the end, as a great opportunity to stop lamentations.
I have demonstrated my Faith. Nature expects you, who are reading this post, to demonstrate yours too by lending your support.
Don’t lament or sulk or even compare. Do something tangible today.
Together we shall get our life back.

One Ikeduru indigene, Chikodi Iwunjoku who spoke to CHECKPOINTCHARLEY, said the Ikeduru people are excited by Abonuyo’s candidacy and his gesture of coming back home to fight for his people, “despite the good life he had in the UK.”

“Mr. Abonuyo is very popular and well loved by our people.

“This is why his candidacy has been well recieved, being someone from a family with a history of service to humanity.

“A lot of peole have volunteered to work for him under the umbrella, Kelechi Abonuyo Campaign Organisation (KACO),” Mr. iwunjoku said.

He added that the APGA delegates now have the responsiblity of determining who will represent Ikeduru constituency in the Imo state house of Assembly.

“The choice they will make would mean either progress or continued retrogression of Ikeduru.

“We have come to agreement that Ikeduru deserves to be liberated,” Iwunjoku said.

It is also understood that Engr. Abonuyo enjoys the backing of the powerful Catholic Church, being a Knight of the Catholic Church.

According to the timetable released by APGA National Chairman, Sunday Oye on Sunday, September 15 and 16 has been set aside for the screening of House of Assembly aspirants.


Engr. Kelechi Abonuyo


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