Rescued Woman Narrates How Nigerians Are Butchered Daily By Ritual Killers



A woman, who was rescued by police operatives in Rivers on Sunday from have abductors, have narrated to newsmen a chilling story of how Nigerians are butchered daily by ritualists in insecured Nigeria, where the citizens live at the mercy of criminals and where life is speedily losing its value.

The woman who simply identified herself as Precious, recounted how she saw her abductors kill one of their hostages for ritual purpose.

She said initially she thought her abductors were kidnappers, but it was when they killed the lady and made a call to someone who was ready to buy her body parts that she knew they were ritual killers.

According to her, after killing the lady, the kidnappers put a call across to a person they described as Alhaji and told him that some of the parts were ready.

Speaking at police command in Port Harcourt after her release, Precious said she saw many persons, who were earlier abducted, including children, who were later killed despite their pleas for mercy.

She said, “There was confusion among them when they noticed that some security agents were trailing them inside the forest. They (ritual killers) had earlier told us that they sell human parts and not just kidnappers and I noticed it.

“I saw the other lady that was with us being shot and they started butchering her body while some were calling one Alhaji on the phone, telling him that some parts were ready.

“It was the police raid in some of their camps that made the kidnappers to be afraid. The kidnappers, out of fear, took us to another place and in the process, they started arguing and fighting one another. That was how I managed to escape.”

Precious and other victims did not court danger; neither did they take risks that put their lives in jeopardy, they were simply citizens who were going about their daily business but ran into trouble due to the failure of government to secure the country.

“I was returning from a church service and after the service I moved to attend a child dedication at Chokocho. So, I walked to Igwuruta Junction in the Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State to board a bus, which would take me there.

“When a bus came that afternoon, I looked carefully and saw four women and three men already in the bus before I joined, thinking that it was an ordinary bus.

“Immediately, we passed a police checkpoint, the driver parked the bus by one side of the road and they ordered everybody to alight from the bus. They blindfolded us and the next thing I realised was seeing myself and others in the forest,” Precious said.

She begged the police to raid the forest where she was held by ritual killers, adding that many victims, including children, who were kidnapped, may still be there.

A foolish belief in voodoo is prevalent in Nigeria.


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