Engr. Abonuyo: A Worthy Lamb Endorsed For Imo House of Assembly, By Kingsley Onye

kele talk

Engr. Abonuyo addressing APGA members on Saturday

Although the circumstances were quite different, but what happened on Saturday, August 11, 2019 in Iho Dimeze, Ikeduru Local Government Headquarters, carried a certain semblance of the events of 1969.

That was when homeboy Richard Ihetu, alias Dick Tiger, enlisted to fight on the Biafran side of the Nigerian Civil war, the war-torn people of the Defunct Biafra received a bit of fresh air, on top of morale boost. And there was tangible hope. The rest is now history.

Last Saturday, Engr. Kelechi Obioha Abonuyo (KSC), himself a homeboy, decided to heed the call to service, when he officially declared, under the All Progressives Grand Alliance party (APGA), his aspiration to politically fight to rescue the life of his people, to represent Ikeduru Constituency at the Imo House of Assembly as from 2019. Apart from the excitement of the day’s funfare (ancestral masquerades, cannon shots and trumpeters), the internal party politicking and the far-reaching consultations – which he had been engaged with, APGA members received some fresh insights on what ought to be. And it appears that the entire ward chairmen are solidly behind him, more especially as a group of 9-ward chairmen, from reliable source, are consulting within their executive officers to purchase the nomination form for him.

His entourage, comprising mainly Catholic priests and people who believe in our common humanity, arrived at the party office secretariat in gay manner, which locked down the attention of many party men and women. Then he proceeded to give out 13-cocks, which is symbolic to both the party and the people. The party chairmen at all levels received this token, which was his expression of profound knowledge of the party’s mindset in time. It was such an unspoken word for sacrifice, and the prospective party delegates gave him acknowledging smile. They all laughed heartily; they knew the significance.

It was a long day for those who had to sit to listen to him. Without ambiguity, he told members of the various party hierarchy and some members of the public, who had to peep to catch a glance of him, what he plans to do when elected.

After about two to three people had spoken, he began. And as he talked, he also demonstrated involuntarily with his arms to punctuate all he had to say. While standing from a reasonable distance, members of the public folded their arms across their chest and listened with rapt attention to all that he had to say, occasionally nodding their head in agreement and sometimes sagging their lower lip to things they think are undo-able under the present political climate.

Apart from the statutory duties of a people’s representative – which include making sure members of the constituency are no longer illegally detained by the police, talent-hunt from the teeming youth, solving the erosion menace ravaging some communities in Ikeduru East, using and accounting for the constituency development funds, the issues security to life and property, he explained glowingly the bills he hopes to propose and pass.

True to character, he told them point blank that the job isn’t executive, but that it can attract government projects based on the quality of representation and politics. He said, “the job of a representative isn’t executive, but it can attract constituency projects. It is the duty of the representative to feed back to the government all the pressing issues of the constituency and as well seek solutions to them.” He further said, “such pressing problems may come from erosion, lack of access roads, agricultural needs, security of lives and property, education, social services, healthcare.

“It is also his duty to hold town hall meetings with his constituency, in order know first-hand their concerns. When constituency funds are approved, he is to earmark it, manage it and account for it. He is to use them in the best interest and needs of the constituency. He must liaise with his constituency through far reaching consultations,” he pointed out to cheering party men and women, who were pleasantly interrupted by a trumpeter.

When asked, he didn’t fail to enumerate the bills, which he plans to propose and pass, when elected, for the emancipation of the people of the entire Imo State, the Eastern Heartland.

Engr. Abonuyo is so passionate about generating energy from renewable sources in order to save the environment and to stimulate the market for small and medium enterprises within the state. He plans to perfect some bills on Renewable energy mini-grid & off-grid systems (solar); bills on Save our Heritage Sites; bill on Maternity for young unemployed mothers; bill on Vehicular Procurement in the State to give Innoson motors the right of first refusal; bill on School Management/Administration; bill on Urban Buildings; bill on Technical Trade. Period!

And it can be said that members of the audience became so sober when he explained the Bills, their Motivation and their Effects to life in general. They began to fillip their fingers in excitement because they had just received fresh insights about their future and that of their future generation.

Engr. Abonuyo is an astute professional member of the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), with a record 18 years of practice under his belt. He is regulated by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). He holds a bachelor in engineering degree (electrical/electronic). He holds a master’s of science degree (Personal, Satellite and Mobile communication engineering) from Bradford, England and another master’s of science degree (Renewable energy engineering) from Kingston University, London.

He is the founder and president of Lordgate Projects Ltd and co-publisher of the online news media, CHECKPOINTCHARLEY. He is the author of Strangled Fate – a sensational fictional novel depicting the wrongs of a corrupt society on its citizens, published by Olympia Publishers UK.

He is a Catholic Knight of the Order of St Columba. He is married with children and courageously ready to serve Ndi-Ikeduru.


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