Video: CNN’s Zain Asher Rubbishes Nigeria’s Phantom Airline, Says Its a Political Gimmick


CNN anchor, Zain Asher has rubbished Nigeria’s unveiling of Nigeria Air on “Quest Means Business,” exposing how dumb and politically motivated it is.

Ms. Asher, who is a Nigerian herself, also narrated her experience at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos last year, and expressed concern over corruption and lack of infrastructure and the right mindset, which she said are key to the successful operation of a national carrier.

Asher, talking with Paula Newton, scoffed at Nigeria’s aviation minister’s claim that he was still talking to investors, while the new airline had no address or website, nor an aircraft to its name despite a December take-off date.

She blasted the whole idea as a political game in view of the presidential elections coming up in April, 2019.

Recall that the Federal Government of Nigeria on Wednesday unveiled the new National Carrier, ‘Nigeria Air’.

The Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika, did the unveiling to investors at the ongoing Farnborough International Air Show in UK.

According to Sirika the new carrier will ply 81 routes, both local and international, after considering about a thousand destinations.

Pls watch the Video below:


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  1. Do not patronize this so called airline. Nigeria needs to conduct referendums in the sout east, middle belt, southwest and North to determine who wants to remain in this contraption called Nigeria. No major undertaking and no elections. The referendums will replace elections come 2019.


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