Jerry Gana Declares For Presidency


A former Minister of Information, Prof. Jerry Gana, has declared his intention to run for the presidency in 2019, blasting President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to live up to his promises.

The former minister stated this in Abuja on Thursday while addressing journalists and supporters at the national secretariat of the Social Democratic Party where he went to purchase the N1m expression of interest form.

Mr. Gana said the tension in the country had not been this intense since the end of Nigeria’s Civil War in 1970.

He said, “With the utmost sense of responsibility and honour, I hereby express my well-considered interest to aspire as the Presidential candidate of the SDP with a view to ultimately contesting in the forthcoming Presidential election in 2019.

“Being a patriotic and committed democrat who has carried a burden for the rapid, effective and even development of our dear nation for decades, I am deeply concerned with the very real prospect of Nigeria imploding unless our great party comes to the rescue with a God-fearing, dynamic leadership.

“Nigeria is facing an existential threat, the seriousness and proportion of which have never been witnessed since the end of the civil war.”

According to him, any government that failed to protect lives and property was an incompetent one.

“The security of the lives of the people is the primary purpose of the government, according to the constitution. Any government that cannot secure the lives of Nigerians is not worthy of being called a government.

“Therefore, APC, Nigerians are tired of you. The SDP is coming, the SDP will win and the SDP will govern well and Nigeria will be at peace,” Gana added.

He said the only way forward for Nigeria is to restructure the country and ensure that power is devolved to the states.


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