VIDEO/PHOTOS: Imolites Tired Of Being Governed by Worst Of Their Best And Best Of Their Worst – ING

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Imo Network Group (ING) on Saturday at the Imo Concorde Hotel, Owerri made it clear that Imo people are tired of being governed by the worst of their best and the best of their worst at its Leadership Selection Criteria summit held at the hotel’s serene and prestigious Sam Mbakwe Hall.

The aim of the summit, the group said, was to stipulate the qualities a person vying for public office in Imo State must possess before he or she would be deemed fit for elective posts.

“It would no longer be business as usual,” OC Eronini of ING told CHECKPOINTCHARLEY.

“It was a successful separation of political ‘‘Pauls’’ from the ‘‘Barnabases’’ when Imo Network Group (ING) took a roll call at the end of the summit, which was a huge success thanks to Deacon Sam Ezumoha and a whole lot of people of good will, who are determined to see a proper common humanity established in our time.”

“Mbakwe Hall in Concord Hotel Owerri tested the resolve of Ndi Imo to see end of thieving politicians.

“The entire 27 local councils, members of the civil society, the media, youth associations and some non-governmental organisations were all there,” he said.

Notable politicians, with divergent 2019 ambitions who were in attendance included, Mr Frank Nneji – founder of Associated Bus Company,ABC, which is the second largest employer of labour in Imo State; Rt Hon Ike C Ibe – the indefatigable grassroots mobiliser and APGA member. It is understood that both men are harbouring governorship ambitions.

“Unless apologies were received, all those who could not make it must have ducked the enormous discussion, which touched on wholesome governance, end-to-end. In any case we now think it’s time we added learning the art of apology to the national curriculum, to enable President Mohammadu Buhari and his diminutive cousin Rochas Okorocha of Imo State say the word: ‘‘I’m sorry’’, whether or not it would be accepted.

“In the past 3 and half years it has become increasingly obvious that people just don’ t seem to know how to offer a proper I’m sorry, despite the fact it’s a matter of just two little words. Yet each day that passes exhibits a new instance of someone not trying, and failing, to deliver it at all. Both of these principal All Progressives Congress party (APC) men have since become political burden.

“The attendance was such that people had to raise their voices to be heard or extended their arms across several rows of chairs in order to have handshakes with distant relatives and old friends. For instance, APGA Chairman of Ward Chairmen, Mr. Willie Onyenawili, who was mobilised by APGA Imo House of Assembly hopeful from Ikeduru, Engr Kelechi Abonuyo (KSC), led Ikeduru Local Government Ward Chairmen to grace the memorable event.

“Conspicuously absent were political aspirants – mediocre and scrooges, of the current inefficient party-in-government – the All Progressives Congress party (APC), as if they got a hint that raw eggs, water sachets (pure water) and pebbles would hauled at them,” he added.

See photos and videos of the event below:

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ing audience1

ing front

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