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VIDEO: Distraught Jos Resident Calls Buhari Idiot Over His Failure To Protect Nigerians Against Rampaging Herdsmen, Curses Those Who Voted Him

president buhari

A distraught Nigerian resident in the troubled city of Jos, Plateau has uploaded a video on the internet, in which he called President Muhammadu Buhari an idiot for doing nothing to save Nigerians from the rampaging Fulani herdsmen, who are accused of killing close to 2,000 people across the country since the menace started.

The man, who identified himself as Magnus Oraka, cursed those who voted Mr. Buhari to power and those who are supporting him, saying “God will punish all of you”.

CHECKPOINTCHARLEY cannot vouch for the authenticity of the video, neither could it be ascertained when the video was made.

But last weekend suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked 11 villages in Plateau and killed 86 people.

However, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, said a lot more people were killed.

See below the video that has gone viral:

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