ISIS Sneaking Jihadists Into Nigeria From Syria – Report


Leaders of the terrorist group, Islamic State, ISIS, are sneaking battle-hardened jihadists from Syria into Nigeria to train terrorists for possible attacks in Britain, a United Kingdom newspaper, The Sun, reported.

Some of the fighters were sent to the Middle East for training in a “chilling exchange programme,” it said.

The newspapers claimed that the insurgents are trained for possible attacks in Britain, quoting sources as saying the strong links between Nigeria and the UK will make it easier for IS to send its killers to Britain.

“It is feared IS will exploit regular flights between Lagos and London to export more evil to the UK,” the report read.

Isaac Subi, a group captain, who has been fighting terrorism, said IS has an exchange programme of fighters.

“They come and train their fighters here and some of our insurgents too are granted access to their training in Yemen and Syria, acquiring those skills and they come back and teach others,” he said.

“They have their exchange programme of fighters. Their poisonous attack has already ended in horror attacks on British streets.

“There are hundreds of fighters. It’s a virus that spreads across our borders. Their action leaves trails of blood and tears and sorrow,” he added.

Meanwhile, Charles Calder, Britain’s defense adviser in Abuja, said ISIS could be a threat to the UK mainland if unchecked.

“In time, unchecked, it could present a threat to both UK interests and conceivably the UK mainland,” Calder said.

“Sending small, handpicked teams out to military training hubs across the country was the best way to prevent Nigeria from collapsing.

“Brits has so far trained 35,000 military personnel in Nigeria and commanders say they are now performing better on the frontline.

“The UK has teams training Nigeria’s air force, army , naval special forces and the equivalent of the SAS.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Government has written to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) over the threat by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to attack commercial flights into and out of the country and “bring bloodshed to the skies”.

The alert contained in a letter, with reference number: H.150/S.91/56, dated May 25, 2018, from the Office of the Secretary to the Government stated that available report revealed that Al-Abd al-Faqir Media, a pro-ISIS media outlet, issued the threat.


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