Nigerian Boxer Escapes Death In London After His Face Was Blown Off In Assassinations Attempt

A young Nigerian boxer has escaped death after his face was partly blown off when he was shot with a shotgun just yards from his mum’s front door in London.

Oluwafemi Omosuyi had recently come back from training in Dublin and was reportedly hanging out with friends at about 8pm on Saturday when he was shot as he sat in a car outside Oliver Goldsmith Primary in Peckham, south London.

Horrific footage shared online shows the 22-year-old lying with blood gushing out from his face.

Femi was said to have been airlifted to the hospital after the shooting, where he had emergency surgery and is now in a stable condition, his mum Stella Aladetam, 53, said. A friend was also injured in the attack.

The assasination attempt is said to be a gang related attack. Femi was stabbed last year, allegedly by the same gang who gunned him down, his friends said.

femi before

Femi before the attack


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