Jonathan Celebrates Nigerian Youths On Democracy Day, “You’re Not Lazy”


Former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, has again underlined the fact that Nigerian youths are not lazy.

Mr. Jonathan re-emphasized this in his Democracy Day message to Nigerians, on Tuesday, as he eulogized the achievements of three young Nigerians, Ukoma Michael, Princess Elizabeth Bright and Ramota Tele Lawal, whose invention and hard work have placed Nigeria on the global map.

According to him, investment in Nigeria’s young population will, in return, lead to development of the country.

The message read in part, “More than 50% of our population are youth. If we develop policies, programmes and projects to empower the youth of Nigeria, the Nigerian youth, who singlehandedly created Nollywood, the third largest movie industry in the world, can be expected to return the favour and make Nigeria proud,” he said.

“Nigerian youth are showcasing their brilliance around the world and I want to make special mention of Ukoma Michael, who at thirteen years of age invented a battery-operated fan that lasts for 19 hours on a full charge. This ingenuity domiciled in Michael should be encouraged by our leadership.

“Internationally, Princess Elizabeth Bright and Ramota Tele Lawal, two 22-year-old Nigerian youth who, in May of 2018, became the youngest elected councillors in the United Kingdom, have made us proud. Very proud indeed.

“These youth are the epitome of the hardworking, talented, innovative and ambitious Nigerian youth who make our nation respected in the community of nations and give us hope for tomorrow and national pride for today.”

It added: “Rather than discourage them with our words and actions, we as leaders must give our youths hope by using our language to draw out the very best in them. We must accept that nations only grow when elders plant trees whose shade they know they may never personally enjoy. Leaders must think of the next generation and not just the next election.

“While we celebrate Ukoma, Elizabeth and Ramota, I know that there are perhaps millions in Nigeria who are equally brilliant and only need the right enabling environment to unleash their creative genius. They are my inspiration on this Democracy Day. They are the reason why I believe in the continued corporate existence of this great nation founded on justice, equity and freedom.

“I want to urge all Nigerians to pray for peace in Nigeria. We need peace in Nigeria. And it is up to you and I to ensure that our National Motto: Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress, is a reality and not just mere rhetoric. I urge Nigerians to understand and accept that nobody’s political, economic, religious or social ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian.

“There are many opportunities and crises on the horizon, but we must have the mentality of seeing the opportunity in crisis rather than the crisis in opportunity.

“We have one of the fastest growing youth population in the world and we must see this as an opportunity, not a crisis.”

Recall that president Muhammadu Buhari had recently lashed out at Nigerian youths as lazy and uneducated bunch who are only waiting to get a share of the national cake.


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