Imo APC Congress: People I Made Ganged Up Against Me – Okorocha


Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha on Tuesday in Owerri, while briefing journalists as part of this year’s Democracy Day celebrations, blasted those he said he made who are now working against him in the state All Progressives Congress (APC).

Mr. Okorocha, reacting to the fallout of the APC congress in the state, dismissed the ‘theatrics’ as attempt by some politicians to heat up the polity.

He said, “Some people have tried to heat up the polity but I have remained calm even in the face of highest provocation.

“What happened recently with our congress was simply a conspiracy by people I brought up, who ordinarily would not have been relevant politically if it had not been for me.

“I am not perfect but we should all hide the imperfections of our leaders so that we can all progress.

“They have the right to go about their political activities without fear as long as they are doing what is right.

“My government has never been known for molesting, arresting or victimising people needlessly; the beauty of power is to know how to exercise restraint.”

In the governor’s estimation, his administration has lived up to the expectations of the people, and even exceeded the achievements of all past governors of the state.


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