Medical Doctor Turned Cyber Hacker Defrauds Car Dealer Of N28m, Says Nigerian Banks Not Safe


A former medical doctor, Michael Williams, who allegedly defrauded a car dealer, Abiogun Adewale, of N28m has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.

The 28-year-old suspect was arrested in the Lekki area of Lagos and was paraded at the command headquarters, Ikeja, on Monday by the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi.

Mr. Imohimi said the police swung into action after receiving a petition against the suspect, who he described as a “professional hacker.”

He said, “My office received a complaint that there is a syndicate that buys exotic cars and configures a computer programme that sends a fake payment alert to the seller.

“The seller, upon receiving this alert, verifies the alert either through ATM or through Internet banking and then releases the car to the syndicate.

“In this case, when the car dealer went to his bank for his statement of account, it was discovered that the alert and transfer of N28m to his account was only a fake electronic transfer; the money did not register in his account.

“The modus operandi of this suspect is very interesting because he seems to have a very good mastery of the cyber environment. He also creates a credit card through software known as cyber-ghost 12. When the credit card matures, it is then funded through a hacked Swiss account. Any transaction anybody is doing through this Swiss account, the suspect manipulates it and wires the fund into his contrived credit card.

“The interesting part of this report is that the hacker has the ability to shut down the CCTV system of any organisation here in Nigeria for a period of 67 minutes. That is a window period during which any crime can be committed.”

According to the CP, the case should be of interest to financial institutions, advising that Nigerian banks should employ certified hackers to secure their systems from hackers.

The suspect disclosed that banks in Nigeria are not safe; they are not like banks abroad.

“In Nigeria, you can sit down and do any kind of transfer. There are no certified hackers in banks here; there is nobody to secure you.”

He said he left the medical profession after he discovered a faster way of conducting Caesarean Section.

He added, “I have worked in three Lagos hospitals. The issue with Nigeria is that when they see that you are better, they look for a way to ease you out. After I was sent out, I secured a visa to Canada, where I acquired hacking expertise.”

He revealed that his mode of operation involved, “creating a credit card or getting old credit cards online and funding them after monitoring transactions of Swiss code accounts of anybody making $1m or above $200m transaction.

“I monitor movie actors and actresses in the US. I monitor a particular actor, who is based in America (US). He transfers money every week. I hacked into his Swiss code account, which involved breaking of 360 codes.

“I divert funds online into a secured credit card which I use to buy any kind of powerful software online and get more knowledge online.”

He boasted that as a hacker, he could do anything online, saying he bought goods worth more than N30m with credit cards and made false payments in bits to unsuspecting victims.

The suspect reportedly led detectives to Asaba, Delta State, and Owerri, Imo State, where two Camry cars he bought with fake transfers were impounded by the police.


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