Pacification Of The ‘‘Primitive Natives’’ Of Imo State, Nigeria: Rochas & Co As District Officers, By Kelechi Abonuyo

‘When mediocre ballet dancers have to perform a complicated manoeuvre with their feet, they throw their arms about to distract the audience. What applies to prima ballerinas also works for prime ministers. When undertaking a major political U-turn, it’s best to have some eye-catching……….’’
Editorial, Friday 11 May 2018, Evening Standard, London.

The above quote refers to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, but it also applies to Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Nigeria, and his fellow mediocre All Progressives Congress (APC) party men and women.

APC’s political implosion in Imo State, which is consuming Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has just erupted. It didn’t begin today. It started the penultimate week, when greedy Rochas was justifying his avarice. Mr. Okorocha was caught on camera, when he was rationalizing his inordinate desire to have his son-in-law succeed him in office as proxy-governor.

The litany of his examples included the Clintons and the Bushes of United States of America and some rogue public officers in Nigeria. He talked to his audience, as usual, brazenly, without batting an eyelid. But on that day, he forgot to mention it to his audience that we, Ndi Imo, as Ndi Igbo, a people who fear neither god nor man, who abhor authority and imperialism, know no king.

The river of disgrace began to flow when the governor unilaterally dished out 2019 political positions to his cronies in a 1884-5 Berlin Conference fashion – when Europe demarcated and scrambled or shared Africa amongst themselves, albeit scandalously, without any African representative. Governor Rochas earmarked Orlu Zone senatorial seat to himself; the gubernatorial to his son. Contrary to ambition, Owerri Senatorial was allocated to his deputy, Mr Eze Madumere, which escalated his anger and the coalition as we now know it. It was that sort of misunderstanding, which caused civil war, when Europeans could not agree on the ‘‘way and manner’’ Africa was scrambled. They called it First World War. It wasn’t a ‘‘personal problem’’. Rather it was an ‘‘interest problem’’. And once certain interests were taken care of, peace returned. For example, part of Anglophone southern Nigeria was annexed to Francophone Cameroon.

When the ‘‘recalcitrant’’ members of Gov Okorocha’s gang reach political compromise – such as the governor jettisoning the instigated ambition of his errand boy son-in-law in order to hold firm his senatorial ambition, there would be peace within them. Or, when the results of the party congress are cancelled, in order to whip in those with bad behaviour, there would be peace. It’s all about themselves. Like the proverbial humming bird would sing to a Catholic priest about a church member with dual personality: ‘‘It is the same people’’.

Ndi Imo are not distracted by the current complicated political manoeuvre by the mediocre. Mr Eze Madumere is a long-time associate turned Deputy Governor to Gov Rochas Okorocha. All other members of the revolting gang are his appointees, who, for more than seven years, have advanced his wicked policies, his greed, his brazenness and his mediocrity. They sang oyoyo for him, with Mr Eze Madumere and the son-in-law as the lead singers.

Despite that this gang has set social media agog with their bravery, which really impressed Ndi Imo and some passive watchers, we cannot be fooled. We know them by their colour and inclination. Ndi Imo are now more determined than ever to look straightaway, further afield, in search of technocrats, who will right the wrongs of 8-wasted-years before. In this regard many patriotic organisations, such as Imo Network Group, sprung up and are tirelessly digging deep. The search for a messianic technocrat is irrespective of party affiliation, most likely from All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA (Nke bu nke-anyi) or any of the formidable coalitions, but certainly neither in the direction of the ruins of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) nor in the crumbling inept APC.

As soon as the river of congress defeat flooded and flushed Okorocha, rising from his ankle to neck levels, he blushed and rushed to Daura – the home of the president. He held talks with President Mohammadu Buhari, who is currently battling for political survival, when he alleged ‘‘the end of the world’’. Meanwhile the President’s support base has been considerably degraded, remaining only the mischievous, the wicked and the illiterates – especially of northern Nigeria extraction. The elite Nigerians, especially of eastern and ‘‘here and there’’ Nigeria extraction, have deserted him.

President Mohammadu Buhari and Governor Rochas Okorocha are like egret, also known as Shekeleke. When they fly pass and you wave at them, your ‘‘nail plate’’ turns white – the type of disease called white fingers. Ndi Imo can’t give them a handshake, talk much an embrace.

Leprous politicians! Fate Stranglers!

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