9Mobile New Boss, Adrian Wood Lines Up Friends And Allies For Top Jobs


There is anxiety and dissatisfaction at 9Mobile after it emerged that Mr. Adrian Wood, Chairman of Teleology Ltd which won the takeover bid for the troubled former Etisalat, intends to recycle his friends and former MTN colleagues at the newly acquired 9Mobile.

A close ally of Woods, Sven-Axel Brudnicki, is set to become the CEO of 9Mobile, according to a report by THISDAY. While the first Nigerian CEO of MTN Nigeria, Michael Ikpoki, has been pencilled to become the legal and regulatory, sales and distribution director.

According to the report, a former Chief Technical Officer of MTN Nigeria, Mr. Demola Elesho, will be given the same position at 9Mobile.

The Chief Financial Officer will be Mr. Kemal Shefik, who claims to have over 30 years’ experience in finance and strategy executive with extensive international experience on three continents.

Other former associates of Mr. Wood, who he is taking to 9Mobile are: Mr. Paul Crosa as sales, marketing, MFS, commercial strategy, Mr. Richard Noren (procurement, supply chain, systems manager), Mr. Rodney Wayne as finance, internal auditor, Terry Moorhead (chief network architect) and Mr. Robert Gerrity as the Enterprise, B2B and Multimedia Solutions Manager.

Gender equality seems to mean nothing to Mr. Wood, as the top jobs will be occupied by men.

Also a source of grumbling among interest holders is the fact that the he is also not giving young qualified Nigerians a chance in a Nigerian company as most of the top management people are expatriates and tired brains who had retired from MTN.

9Mobile is Nigeria’s fourth telecom operator and had suffered a tremendous loss in market share estimated at N5.5 billion within six months, occasioned by confusion and delay in the sale of the company by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

There was a sigh of relief when Teleology finally emerged as the preferred new owners of the distressed company and there was optimism that the firm will soon leave negative territory.

However, that optimism has now been dampened by Mr. Wood’s plan to turn 9Mobile into an old friends club.


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