Nigeria Police Aiding Killer Herdsmen – Benue Monarch



The Tor Sankera 1, King Abu Shuluwa, a first-class Tiv traditional ruler in Benue State, has accused the Nigerian Police of taking side with Fulani herdsmen and protecting them as they attack and kill innocent people.

The monarch made the allegation in a chat with the Punch. According to him, the people doing the killing have an agenda and they are being sponsored by faceless people and the worst thing is that nobody is being apprehended.

He said, “Those who are killing us have no cattle at all. The police, who have statutory responsibility to find out the identities of those faceless people, are not ready to do so, and I am not surprised because the police know them but they are under instruction not to find and arrest them.

“We in Benue State are totally convinced that the police know those who are killing our people and they know the agenda. The police have been bought over to do their bidding; that’s all.

“Those who were arrested by the state government agents while committing criminal acts in broad daylight and handed over to the police have all been released quietly, but Tiv men, carrying Dane guns licensed by local government authorities, are being arrested and paraded by the police as members of a militia.”


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