Pastor Kills Pregnant Lover, Two Others In Desperate Bid To Hide Illicit Affair


The Police in Rivers State have arrested a fake pastor, who allegedly killed three people and an unborn child in his desperate bid to hide an amorous relationship with a 25-year-old member of his church, Uluoma Onweagba.

The 32-year-old suspect, Chidiebere Okoroafor, was an impostor pastor and preacher at Altar of Solution Church based in Oyigbo area of the state

Those allegedly killed by the impostor are Concilia Ezeawa and Uluoma Onweagba, who was carrying a five-month-old pregnancy before her death.

It is alleged that he strangled Ezeawa to death in an uncompleted building while the pregnant Onweagba was killed in a bush on December 11, 2017.

The nine-month-old baby of Ezenwa, Christabel Joseph, who was strapped to the back of the pregnant Onweagba died after she hit her head on the ground when the pastor allegedly pushed Onweagba to the ground.

Okoroafor allegedly carried out the killings so as to hide the fact he had impregnated Onweagba.

The State Police Command Deputy State Commissioner of Police, in charge of Administration, Cyril Okoro, while sepaking with journalists on Friday, said, “The case started unfolding on December 11, 2017. At about 11am, the whereabouts of Concilia Ezeawa, Christabel Joseph and Uluoma Onweagba (all female) became unknown to their families.

“This resulted in the lodging of a formal complaint on their disappearance at the Afam Divisional Headquarters. After a preliminary investigation by the police, coupled with a diligent search by members of the community, the decomposing corpse of Uluoma Onweagba and Christabel Joseph (baby) were discovered in a bush along the Afam-Igberu Road on December 13, 2017.

“Their corpses were immediately evacuated and deposited at the mortuary pending further investigation. On December 18, 2017, the decomposing corpse of the real mother of the baby, Concilia Ezeawa, was recovered in an uncompleted building in Izuoma community in Oyigbo Local Government Area . The corpse, which was at an advanced stage of decomposition, was evacuated and deposited at the mortuary pending further police investigation.

“The pastor, who was said to have been involved in an amorous relationship with one of the deceased, Onweagba,was invited, interviewed and interrogated about the murders of the victims.

“He was subsequently detained as his explanations were not convincing, particularly compared to the information at the disposal of investigators that the deceased persons had on December 11, 2017, informed close neighbours that they were going to see the pastor over a pregnancy issue involving Onweagba.”

According to him, Okoroafor had confessed to the crime after being faced with overwhelming evidence.

He regretted that the man took advantage of the trust themembers of his church had in him to lure them to an uncompleted building and inside the bush before killing them.

The fake pastor first lured Ezeawa to an uncompleted building, telling the other person (pregnant Onweagba) to wait some distance away. He added that unknown to the pregnant lady, the pastor had killed her neighbour, Okoro said.

After strangling Ezeawa in the uncompleted building, he joined Onweagba along Afam Road, where they both took a commercial tricycle to Afam Roundabout, he added.

“They again took a commercial motorcycle to an isolated farm on Igberu Road where he took her through a track road and gruesomely murdered her in the bush, with the baby strapped to her back.

“She (pregnant Onweagba) was suffocated with the wrapper she used in strapping the baby to her back. The baby was also found dead,” Okoro said.

An autopsy had since been carried out on the victims, while the Altar of Solution Church had been shut down.

It has been “to your tents O’Isreal” since members of the church heard about the incident; they have all scattered.


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